Volunteer on Fanfield Farm

Come and volunteer with us on specific days each week in Arlington, East Sussex.

We are now open for volunteer and open day on Wednesdays every week. We have processes and facilities in place to be able to safely social distance whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

If you are interested, make sure to drop your name and email below so you are on our list. Then drop us a message the week you would like to come along!

** Please Note: Volunteering is suspended until February 2021 due to the latest lockdown restrictions. **


Join the Volunteer list:

We will let you know the details each week and if we hold any specific extra days too, just drop your name and email below.

Please Note: We will not be open for volunteering during January 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions. However please pop your email in above and we will let you know when we are back open in February.

Each week we will be open from Wednesdays 10am – 4pm. You can either pop in for a visit, or you can come along to volunteer.

Each week we give a farm tour to new volunteers, and then have a list of varied tasks to get through from planting, to preparing beds, to building, or just prep of the farm. We try to vary these tasks so it isn’t repetitive and that you learn something and enjoy every visit.

Normally we provide lunch for our volunteers, of produce from around the farm. This community lunch is really important to us. However with the current Covid-19 restrictions in place we are asking that volunteers bring their own lunch and drinks for now.

We will look to put together a big community lunch when the restrictions are eased.

We believe there has been a disconnect over the last decade where people have seen food as a task and a convenience and this has seen farms move away from being a central hub within the community. We want to revitalise that, and bring them back to being a welcoming place, where you can get back to nature, get fresh air, great food and get your hands dirty… whilst also learning how you can apply this to your own garden, or simply learn where food comes from again.

We’re looking for change makers, local food lovers, and people who can see the benefit in small scale farming and the benefit of knowing where food comes from and a farm being a part of the community again.

We hope to see you on the farm.

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