Veg Boxes, Cheaper Than Well Known Supermarkets 💰

We hope you are enjoying our series of blogs where we share why we are so passionate about local healthy veg. If you missed yesterdays on chemicals in our foods, you can re-read it here: https://fanfield.farm/chemical-free-veg-is-best/

One thing we have always been met with when talking about veg boxes, is that they are very middle and upper class luxury products… But we don’t think this is true.

It is true that we cannot compete on price with non-organic veg, and the last two emails have hopefully shown you why that is the case.

However when we compare to supermarket delivery services and their organic range we can see that there is great value to be had in supporting a local farm and their produce.

We recently took our “half-share veg box” and compared it to a well known supermarket home delivery service… the one with the advert with the VERY catchy song… just for you 😉 and here is what we found.

East Sussex Seasonal Veg Box July

In our half-share veg box was:

  • Beetroot
  • Salad Bag
  • Courgettes
  • Kale
  • Radish Bunch
  • Turnips
  • Garlic Head
  • Salad Onions

Using the well known online supermarket we priced up the organic equivalents of what we put in our veg box and were staggered to find the price totalled £21.14 + £4.99 delivery.

The middle price for our half-share veg box is just £18.50 and the delivery fee is £1.50 in our delivery area.

Full Share Veg Box June 2022

This is not only a saving of £6.13 but also the produce will be fresher, chemical free and will no doubt last longer too.

We also have based this on our “middle income price”, at Fanfield Farm we run a sliding scale payment scheme where you can pay based on your current circumstances. We hope this goes some way to making healthy veg available to everyone.

We do not believe we should be competing on price as a farm, we have always focussed on quality healthy vegetables first… But in a time where the cost of living is drastically increasing and we are all struggling, we thought it important to burst the bubble that “supermarkets are always cheaper”… it really is a clever marketing campaign that the supermarkets have spun to keep you buying from them.

Find out more about our veg boxes here: https://fanfield.farm/east-sussex-veg-boxes/

Tomorrow we want to share our passion for seasonal veg eating and why we are literally built for it… we hope you will tune into that one.

Until then, thank you so much for your support.

We hope you are having a great week,

Chris and Emily

– Fanfield Farm

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