Spring is on the way…

It feels like the weather could be turning a corner and Spring could be on the way. Whilst the first few months were full of stroms and rebuilding, the last two weeks have felt like the farm is really starting to prepare to grow some amazing veg!

We now have seeds in for our tomato plants (both cherry and normal toms), Pepper plants, Aubergines and Cucumbers.

These seeds have been put in to soil blocks, which are pressed together cubes of soil. We use these as it means we don’t have to use as much single use plastic on the farm (as would with normal seed trays), and this gives the plant a much stronger chance as the root structure doesn’t need to be disrupted when we tranplant it into the ground later in the year.

Whilst we did lose our greenhouse, we have used whatever glass and breeze blocks that did survive to throw together a sort of Victorian style “cold frame”… it’s not pretty but it’s providing some warmth that the seedlings definitely need, and this weeks Spring feeling sun has definitely helped too!

We also have made big waves in getting the infrastructure and growing spaces all in place for the growing season.

With some help from family we managed to complete one of the frames for our growing polytunnels last week, and are on the way to next one being built as well. This was certainly no easy task, and one that we have learnt from… the second will be much easier, but our advice to our future selves if we ever need another one, is to pay for the installation option. The tunnels don’t have their covers on, we need to wait for a warm day with no wind to get those fitted, that feels a little bit longer away at the moment… hopefully April will bring that weather… Fingers crossed Spring is here.

We have also managed to get some full growing beds made, our first growing block: Garden A… now has 6 complete 30m long growing beds made using the no-dig system. We will put together a new blog and video of how we built these beds soon.

In the meantime a huge thank you to our volunteers for helping us build these beds this week, and to local businesses around the area for the cardboard donated that we used to mulch in the no dig system!

We have also opened up our first few slots for local veg boxes, these can be either weekly or bi-weekly and are Organic Vegetable Boxes of varying sizes that are delivered right to your door across East Sussex. If you want to find out more, or register your interest head over here: https://fanfield.farm/organicvegboxes/

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