Organic Veg Boxes


We produce and deliver organic veg boxes for Arlington, the surrounding areas and East Sussex. These will be seasonal boxes producing a range of organic vegetables and salad grown in Arlington, delivered right to your doorstep.

Our vegetable boxes are filled with freshly grown organic vegetables, salad, fruit and eggs. We package this up and deliver it right to your door. Most of our veg is harvested the day it is delivered to you for optimum freshness and the longest shelf life.

We are an organic farm and all of our veg and fruit is produced organically. We don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilisers, we grow with care, attention and while working with nature.

Our veg box scheme is set up as a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, which means you aren’t simply buying veg from us. We see the transaction as an ongoing relationship where you are supporting and buying in to the farm.

From us that means a promise that we will always work hard to produce the best local, organic and ecologically produced food for you. And for you its an understanding that we work with nature and the seasons. This means one week if nature has struck and your box is a little short, it will be made up for in the coming weeks! We see this as a natural way to grow, eat, live and an honest relationship between farmer and consumer.

Join the waiting list:

We apologise that this seasons veg boxes are currently sold out and we are at full capacity.

However this is always changing so please do join our waiting list below to find out more, and find out when the boxes will become available again.

Simply drop your name and email below:

We produce boxes in small, medium and family sizes and vegetables will range from tomatoes to carrots, salad to kale, potatoes to onions, brocolli to courgettes and everything in between.


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