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Thanks so much for following our blog series, we have really enjoyed sharing with you some of the reasons we are passionate and why we do what we do. If you missed yesterdays installment on the price of veg boxes vs supermarket veg then do check it out here: https://fanfield.farm/veg-boxes-cheaper-than-supermarkets/

Today we want to talk about something that is definitely an adjustment to our lives when moving to a veg box scheme, but that is totally worth it. And that is eating seasonally!

Eating seasonally can sometimes be challenging but have you ever thought about why veg is different across the seasons??

Our bodies require what nature gives us… when it’s hot they want water filled salad veg like tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.

When it’s cold and we need more energy to stay warm we are given slow breaking down root veg that has lots of slow release sugars in it, like squash, swede and carrots.

In the cooler months we are still able to grow greens such as Kale and Spinach which are very high in Vitamin D, filling in for the cloudy days where our body don’t get natural sun.

Nature has decided to give us what our bodies need at the time we need it, because we have become really disconnected from that by the amount of imported veg that is now available to us.

Fanfield Farm Half Share Veg Box

Our veg box scheme and many others like it provide local and seasonal food. So you won’t get tomatoes in December but neither will you get a Squash or Pumpkin in May. We grow what nature allows at the time of the year it allows it, and by doing so we provide what our bodies need for that time. Find out more here: https://fanfield.farm/east-sussex-veg-boxes/

We hope you have enjoyed this series of us sharing our passion about local food. In tomorrows post you won’t want to miss two amazing offers for both those who already have veg boxes, and those that don’t buy from us yet as well.

So make sure to look out for that for our biggest offer yet.

Have a great day.

Best Wishes,

Chris and Emily

Full Share Veg Box June 2022

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