How to Grow Salanova Lettuce in the UK

This video is the complete rundown on how to grow Salanova Lettuce.

Salanova is awesome, it’s not easy to get hold of in the UK but I have found a supplier and am growing it in big beds ready to increase next growing season. In this video I show you how I sow my salanova seeds before transplanting them on to the beds using 60 cell trays, a compost and vermiculite mix and plenty of compacting.

I go in to as much detail as possible as I just couldn’t find exactly how to successfully grow Salanova lettuce in the UK when I first started out.

Part 2 of bed preparation and transplanting coming soon!

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Product Links:

– For Salanova Seeds in the UK check out: https://justseed.com

– The seed compost I am using is: https://www.in-excess.com/products/j-…

– Vermiculite I am using: https://www.gardenhealth.com/gro-sure…