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Get the freshest, healthiest, and regeneratively grown veggies. Farmed right here in Arlington, East Sussex.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer have spaces on this seasons veg box scheme. Please check back soon.

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Our Veg Boxes Are More Than Just A Box Of Veg To Your Door..

Our vegetable boxes are filled with freshly grown chemical-free vegetables, salad, and fruit. We package this up and deliver it right to your door. Most of our veg is harvested the day it is delivered to you for optimum freshness and the longest shelf life.

We are a regenerative farm and all of our veg and fruit is produced with the highest standards. We don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilisers, we grow with care, attention and while working with nature.

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Eat Local, Support Local

Support local East Sussex Small Scale Farming with the shortest supply chain.

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Chemical Free, Organic Practices

Enjoy food free from harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. We produce our veg with standards beyond those of organic veg.

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More Than A Customer

We are part of the Community Supported Agriculture scheme which means our veg box membership is more than just a normal customer / shop relationship.

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Reduce Food Waste

By commiting to a place on our veg box membership you not only secure healthy food for you, but also a place for our veg for the season. That means we can grow for you and minimise food waste.

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The Healthiest Veggies

Because we harvest either the day before or just hours before, our veg is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Regenerative Farming For The Planet

We give back more to the environment around us than we take away. Regenerating the soils, sequestering carbon and bringing wildlife back to the local area.

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Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Ever felt disconnected from the food you eat? With our veg you can know where it came from and who grows it. We run regular open days for you to visit.

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Reduce Packaging Waste

Where possible we use either no packaging or minimum packaging. We deliver in recycled crates and bring you veg that is so fresh it doesn’t need individually wrapping.

Our East Sussex Veg Box Scheme Is Now Open.

Join Our Fanfield Farm Family by getting your CSA Veg Box.

How it works...

We have a brand new system and way of operating here at Fanfield Farm, we use a sliding scale payment system which means there is an affordable veg box for everyone. And with your help we can make healthy food accessible to everyone that needs it.

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What Is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Our veg box scheme is set up as a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, which means you aren’t simply buying veg from us. We see the transaction as an ongoing relationship where you are supporting and buying in to the farm.

From us that means a promise that we will always work hard to produce the best seasonal and ecologically produced food for you. And for you it’s an understanding that we work with nature and the seasons. This means one week if nature has struck and your box is a little short, it will be made up for in the coming weeks! We see this as a natural way to grow, eat, live and an honest relationship between farmer and consumer.

What is Regenerative Agriculture / Regenerative Farming?

Sustainable is no longer good enough, we have done too much damage to just not do any more.. In fact we need to regenerate the soil, environment and climate around us.

That’s what regenerative farming is to us; it’s making sure we give more back to the soil and environment than we take out… whilst also producing delicious, chemical free, nutrient filled local food.

Our version of regenerative agriculture includes minimum disturbance to the soil which is great for soil structure and the mycelium network, plus it helps sequester carbon in the air.

It also means we work alongside nature, we create areas for nature to thrive and allow natural predators to take care of pest problems. We do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides on the farm on our veg.

We also do not use any chemical fertilisers as we do not want to break down the natural food network in the soil.

Think of a rainforest… the most amazing and fertile places on earth with millions of species in each square foot. That is what we are trying to replicate in a controlled environment so that we can produce great veg alongside nature too.

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How We Are Saving The Planet Together

Did you know that buying veg locally is saving the world. On top of the fact that we are a regenerative farm that is helping to regenerate the soils and improve the climate problem… you are also helping us save the planet by buying locally.

When you buy from a supermarket not only has your veg been touched by up to 12 sets of hands, it has likely travelled either across the country or across the globe… the carbon footprint from this alone is worrying.

Then you add in the single-use plastic packaging on everything, the huge refrigerated units in stores, the refrigeration on the lorries and vehicles and so much more…. When you consider all of this you can easily help save the planet just by purchasing your fruit and veg locally…. Plus, we promise, it tastes sooo much better.

Let’s save the planet together!

Why Are Our Veggies Healthier?

Our veg has more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than conventional non-organic veg.

People with allergies to foods, chemicals or preservatives may find their symptoms lessen or go away when they only eat chemical-free food. We do not use pesticides in any of our food, so they will not make it to your plate.

A number of studies that fresh chemical free and organically produced veg like ours may supply more micronutrients. The studies have shown them having higher nutrients such as Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.. as well as the more protective anthocyanins.

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Get Your Veg Box Here:

Fresh, Local and Chemical Free Veg Boxes Sign Up Is Now Open with our new sliding scale payment scheme… Select your box size below and click the choice to find out more or sign up. (First deliveries beginning of May)

Fanfield Farm Half Share Veg Box

Half Share Veg Box - £18.50

Lower Income: £12.50

Middle Income: £18.50

Upper Income: £24.50

(Delivery within our area is an extra £2.50 per box).

Fanfield Farm Full Share Veg Box

Full Share Veg Box - £22.50

Lower Income: £16.50

Middle Income: £22.50

Upper Income: £28.50

(Delivery within our area is an extra £2.50 per box).


Here are some of our frequently asked questions..

If your question isn’t answered here, please do get in touch using the button below:

Do I need to be in for delivery?

Whilst we are happy to deliver directly to you, no you don’t have to be in for delivery. When you sign up we will ask you for a “safe place” for us to leave your veg box.

Can I customise my veg box?

Unfortunately we cannot customise veg boxes. In order for us to be able to plan, keep crops as regenerative as possible and to keep waste to a minimum on the farm our boxes are farmers choice. We walk around the fields throughout the week and decide the on the best, freshest vegetables that are at their peak ready to eat. We do have the ability to add extras to your veg box when it’s available.

Are you certified organic?

No. But we follow organic principles: we don’t use pesticides or chemicals. We go beyond organic in that we don’t use any chemicals and we don’t plough – these things that are allowed in organic farming but we don’t believe they help the planet or food quality.

Did you know it costs quite a lot for organic certification? We don’t believe that growers doing the right thing (not spraying chemical pesticides or fertilisers) should have to pay when those doing what we consider bad for the planet do not have to pay. We think that’s backwards.

What happens if I go out of town or on holiday?

We can cancel up to 3 weeks of deliveries with a minimum of 2 delivery weeks notice. Similarly we can change the address we deliver to locally, so we encourage gifting your box to a friend or neighbour. It feels good to give the gift of healthy food and massively helps out our planning, helping us to keep waste to a minimum.

Do we have to have veg weekly?

Whilst we think a fresh weekly delivery is best we don’t just offer weekly veg, you can also have a fortnightly delivery or collection of veg box.

Do you use plastic packaging?

We have to be honest here, sometimes yes! But only where it cannot be avoided. Items like salad leaves are much fresher when kept in airtight plastic bags.

We have tried a high variety of “compostable bags” however at the moment these just aren’t good enough. They are made from corn plastic abroad and we cannot get on board with fields producing a type of plastic or the air miles they take to get them here. We are constantly trying to find a better solution and make a conscious effort to keep packaging to an absolute minimum.

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Free Recipes

We are regularly adding delicious recipes to cook with our veg and the contents of our veg boxes. Click here to check them out.

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Updates from the Farm

Follow our farming adventures as we continue to grow and build our regenerative off-grid farm. Click here for our blogs & videos

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