Fanfield Farm Community Contract

What Is The Community Contract

Years ago some school holidays were introduced so that families could get together and help the farms around them with the harvests. As part of that unwritten contract was that those families would benefit from a share of the harvest for their time. Along with the other benefits of getting outside, connecting with nature, getting hands in the soil and knowing exactly where their food came from and who grew it.

Somehow summer holidays, holidays abroad and the rise of imported food into supermarkets has left us disconnected from our food. And farms have become less and less a part of our communities.

We want to change that, part of our mission is to reconnect people with local farms, their food and the people that grow it. We are also passionate about getting people access to good quality chemical-free foods… plus with the way that we farm, we need more hands to prevent needing to mechanise some aspects of our natural growing methods.

Our community contract is simple… time for veg. We are asking for help from the community throughout the week in exchange for a veg box.

Fanfield Farm Organic Carrots
Organic Tomato Punnet

How It Works

We are asking for 4 hours help on the farm in exchange for a full share veg box from the farm.

We will have time slots available each week, and be asking for people to come and help within those times.

All we ask is for 4 hours a week, getting outside and connecting to your food; helping us with tasks. And in return we will supply a full share veg box for you to collect on a Thursday.

We aren’t fussy how you want to do this either, you could do 4 hours each week… 8 hours every other week… Or do a week of work and bank up a load of veg boxes for the year.

We will put together a community contract timesheet and you can start to get outside on the farm, and get the veg you help grow into your kitchen!

If you are interested in joining us with a community contract then simply drop us an email to hello@fanfield.farm or fill in the box below, and let us know you are interested in the community contract, and we can get you setup.

Want to join our Community Contract Scheme?

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Full Share Veg Box June 2022

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