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Fanfield Farm is a Regenerative Community Farm in Arlington, East Sussex. We grow delicious chemical free veg whilst working hard to regenerate the soils and environment around us.


Our fresh, local and delicious vegetable boxes are now available to East Sussex. Grab your space now for our Autumn / Winter CSA Veg Boxes.


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Our Produce

We produce local food. Growing with the older hand tool methods that mean we don’t need huge tractors or 100’s of acres of land. This means we can get the food on to your plate fresher, faster and whilst improving the soil we grow in, and keeping our impact on the environment as low as possible.

Growing foods in the conventional way is causing us problems… with the taste of our veg, with the nutrients within them, with our enviroment and with our soils! To grow food in this way is no longer sustainable, and we have done so much damage it is no longer enough to farm sustainably… That’s why we farm regeneratively.. Giving more back to the soil and environment than we take at every stage.

For the last two years we have been providing veg boxes right to the doors of East Sussex, and you can now get yourself on to our Veg Box CSA Scheme, reserve your space by clicking here.

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Local Veg Boxes

We are a proud member of the Community Supported Agriculture community and you can support us by subscribing to a weekly vegetable box.. grown locally and delivered right to your door!

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Collect from the Farm

During Summer months we have surplus produce that we are now able to prepare for you to collect from the farm. You can simply click the link below to see what we have available and easily order online.

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Extra Products (Zero Waste)

We are now able to offer additional products to either add to a veg box, or to collect from the farm. Including: Rice, Pasta and Grains, Bakery Products, Cleaning Products and Local Meat.

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Farmers Markets

Coming Soon to local markets when they are back open and operational.

We will be at the local markets across East Sussex every week with a fresh range of vegetables, fruit and eggs that are locally grown.

Open & Volunteer Days

Closed until the New Year.

Normally Open Wednesdays 10am – 4pm

We are a community farm, which means we want you to come and see how we grow. You can either visit or drop in as a volunteer, the kettle is on! Follow us on social media for updates. Or click here to sign up to volunteer. (Starting again in Jan 2022).

Due to Covid restrictions please do message ahead of turning up. If you have any Covid- symptoms please do not come to the farm.

Thank you.

Fanfield Farm Chard
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Arlington, East Sussex

We have now been here for two years, it seems like just yesterday we moved on to an open field. In that time we have provided thousands of veg boxes to the local area around Arlington, East Sussex. Whilst also building our home and the community farm.

It is our mission to feed 200 families locally in the East Sussex area whilst regenerating the soil, reducing our impact on the environment and setting up an ecological future-proof farm.

We grow regeneratively!

We produce all of our crops regeneratively, our historical food systems have damaged soils in such a way that even farming sustainably isn’t good enough anymore. We have got to the point where putting back what you are taking out isn’t enough. We need to be putting more back than we take, and hence we need to farm regeneratively.

The standards by which we farm we believe exceed those that are practiced on organic farms. We farm with completely organic procedures and practices, however we are not certified organic. We are regenerative. Firstly, we don’t use any pesticides or chemicals; we use all natural matter, soil & compost.

Why aren’t we certified organic, if we farm with organic practices? This is a long question to answer but the main reason is we don’t agree that farmers doing the right thing should be penalised. To have the organic certification status costs a lot, and to spray vegetables with chemicals and pesticides costs nothing. We believe this is backwards.

We are happy to show you exactly how we grow, and the high standards we hold ourselves to. Simply drop us a message and we can arrange to show you around the farm on one of our open days.

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4.) Day 1…. it’s stuck!

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"Everywhere around the world, people's eyes are being opened to the ravages of industrial agriculture; pesticides, GMOs, cancer, agribusiness."


– Jean-Martin Fortier, The Market Gardener

"It is no longer good enough to put back the same amount as we take... Sustainability is not enough. We need to regenerate!"


– Chris Huskins, Fanfield Farm

"Nearly everywhere we look, the stirrings of a revolution are becoming increasingly clear; people are farming differently."


– Helene Raymond & Jacques Mathe

"Lets' live a new definition of what it is to be a farmer: one who is at the root of the community by serving the needs of those in it"


– Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer.

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