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Fanfield Farm is an Ecological Organic Community Farm in Arlington, East Sussex.


We believe in the vision and have fond memories of the days where we cared less about mass production and more about the quality of food being put on our plates.


We will produce seasonal vegetable boxes to Arlington and the surrounding areas with everything grown to organic practices.

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Our Produce

We produce local food. Growing with the older hand tool methods that mean we don’t need huge tractors or 100 acres of land. This means we can get the food on to your plate fresher, faster and whilst improving the soil we grow in, and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

We are growing Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Peppers, Carrots, Rocket, Spinach, Watercress, Green Beans, Runner Beans, Leeks, Chard, Kale, Garlic, Potatoes, Onions and much more.

Starting June 2020 we will be running a local vegetable box scheme to Arlington and the surrounding areas in East Sussex. Want to find out more, get in touch!

Eat Local!

Local Veg Boxes

We are a proud member of the Community Supported Agriculture community and you can support us by subscribing to a weekly vegetable box.. grown locally and delivered right to your door!

Collect from the Farm

Each week we have surplus produce that we are now able to prepare for you to collect from the farm. You can simply click the link below to see what we have available and easily order online.

Then simply come and collect from the farm.

Farmers Markets

Coming Soon to local markets when they are back open and operational.

We will be at the local markets across East Sussex every week with a fresh range of vegetables, fruit and eggs that are locally grown.

Open & Volunteer Days

Open Wednesdays 10am – 4pm

We are a community farm, which means we want you to come and see how we grow. You can either visit or drop in as a volunteer, the kettle is on! Follow us on social media for updates. Or click here to sign up to volunteer.

Fanfield Farm Chard
Fanfield Farm Veg Box 5

Arlington, East Sussex

We have taken a big step and have purchased land to grow even more for the 2020 growing season. We have embarked on a journey to turn a field in to an ecological and regenerative farm in Arlington, East Sussex.

It is our mission to feed 200 families locally in the East Sussex area whilst regenerating the soil, reducing our carbon footprint and setting up an ecological future-proof farm. 

Organic Certified by The Soil Association

We produce all of our crops completely organically. We don’t use pesticides or chemicals; we use all organic matter, soil & compost.

And recently our new farm land has been approved Organic by the Soil Association. We are working hard to maintain the relationship between great organic food and locally produced food… it’s part of our mission… and organic sign off was the first part in this journey.

Seeds So Far


Organic Practices

Different Products Growing

"Everywhere around the world, people's eyes are being opened to the ravages of industrial agriculture; pesticides, GMOs, cancer, agribusiness."


– Jean-Martin Fortier, The Market Gardener

"Along with this growing awareness is an increasing demand for healthy, local, organic food."


– Jean-Martin Fortier, The Market Gardener

"Nearly everywhere we look, the stirrings of a revolution are becoming increasingly clear; people are farming differently."


– Helene Raymond & Jacques Mathe

"Lets' live a new definition of what it is to be a farmer: one who is at the root of the community by serving the needs of those in it"


– Curtis Stone, The Urban Farmer.

Blog Posts and Videos

Autumn Farm, Garden & Allotment Jobs

Autumn Farm, Garden & Allotment Jobs

Autumn Farm, Garden & Allotment Jobs With greyer skies, plenty of orange leaves on the ground and temperatures dropping it most definitely feels like Autumn is here, and with rains coming in we have some clues as to what the next few months are going to be like....

Summer News from Fanfield Farm

Summer News from Fanfield Farm

Summer News from Fanfield FarmWe hope you are enjoying the summer and you have been able to return to some sort of normality and enjoy some of the sunshine. The summer is the busiest time of the year for farms like us, and we underestimated just how busy we would be,...

We Need Your Help – Campaign to Build our Community Farm

We Need Your Help – Campaign to Build our Community Farm

We Need Your Help - Building a Community Farm We are building a community farm for the future of East Sussex... that produces great organic veg, and is a place for the community to get out into nature, get their hands dirty and learn how to grow food on this scale....

Bringing the Farm to you – Farm Tour April 2020.

Bringing the Farm to you – Farm Tour April 2020.

Bringing the Farm to you... Farm Tour - April 2020. We're a community farm, normally with open days and volunteer days weekly... for the last month it has been a very quiet farm with no visitors at all... So we thought we would BRING THE FARM TO YOU! Grab a cuppa and...

Spring is on the way…

Spring is on the way…

Spring is on the way... It feels like the weather could be turning a corner and Spring could be on the way. Whilst the first few months were full of stroms and rebuilding, the last two weeks have felt like the farm is really starting to prepare to grow some amazing...

The Storms

The Storms

The Storms... The last couple of weeks have been tough on the farm, with it being a big open field without many established hedgerows and our new trees only just going in, we were hit hard by the storm and it caused a lot of damage. We were watching the first Storm...

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